Hen going rogue at night


12 Years
Apr 2, 2011
N. Ga mountains
One of my hens - she's about 6 - has not been returning to the coop at night for the last couple of nights. The first night it scared me since I thought something may have gotten her, although she's an awfully big girl for a hawk to get. The next morning she was up and about in the yard (our yard, they free-range). Then last night she did the same thing. What's going on? She doesn't seem to be acting any differently during the day but I can't say that with absolute confidence since I haven't done any long observations. I feel like something must be wrong. She's the number one or two (hard to tell sometimes) hen in the flock.
Two things come to mind. She could be moving her roost location in response to heat stress with purpose of staying cooler at night. In that case look for her in tree or other location with more ventilation. She could also be getting broody, setting on clutch of eggs at night and by change doing her 1 to 2 hour foraging bit while you are tending / observing flock.
I would keep a eye out and see where she goes. I would bet even money it is
Well, wouldn't you know, she went into the coop tonight. I did watch her and I think she knew I was watching because she'd give me the eye from time to time, not evil, but just that "I know what you're doing" eye. I do think it's heat stress so I'll have to get a fan. Thanks!
I have a 11 week old wild woman barred rock chick... she is a bit too smart for her own good Im afraid. she has figured out how to sneak out of the coop/run . now this am.. hes she comes out of the tree she had slept out last night and in my rush last night putting them up I didn't count them.
wonder if this is going to be a constant deal with her that I have to watch her.. ?

any other Houdini's out there?
My friend who used to own the rogue said she used to spend the night in a tree from time to time, mostly when it was really hot. So, if it happens again, I won't get too worried. If I had an escaper, though, I'd definitely figure out what needed sealing to keep her in.

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