Hen has a cracked beak


6 Years
May 16, 2017
One of my 17 month old hens has a cracked beak. I noticed it today because she wasn't talking grapes from my hand, or picking them up from the ground. She is usually the first for any treat, and usually very excited around treats. I picked her up and while looking her over noticed a crack about 1/4 inch from the end of her beak, about half way across. I think she is eating , her crop wasn't completely empty (430 in the afternoon ). Can I fix it somehow, maybe super glue? I can tell it is bothering her, she is subdued, not her normal self. Any advice is welcome. Thanks.
I recently tried supergluing my hens cracked beak but a few days later the end of the beak fell off anyway. Luckily she seems OK without the end piece. If the beak is only cracked halfway across, are you sure it is what is bothering her so much? I mean is it possible there is something else wrong with her? Photos would be helpful.
Here is the best picture I could get. Jackie was not interested in a photo shoot. She is acting normally, eating meal worms and scratch. Didn't want to bite the grape, I suspect it hurt to apply force to the end of her beak.


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I tried to super glue her beak, she wasn't too cooperative. Not sure how well I did. Didn't want to use too much. At least she wasn't too mad at me, she ate meal worms from my hand. I will check her tomorrow after work and see how she is doing.
One of my hens broke the tip off. It grew back. Yours doesn't look like too much to worry about. Beaks are like fingernails. As long as she doesn't break it to the quick, she will be fine.

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