Hen has a pale comb


Jun 17, 2021
I went to clean the coop out this evening and found my speckled Sussex just standing on the floor of the coop. She's been in the nesting box (went broody... Again) since last Monday and I was just watching her thinking maybe she was out of the nest to get food and water. Upon closer inspection, I noticed her comb and wattle are very pale (see photo) and she acts kind of out of it. I inspected her for mites or lice and I'm not seeing any of the tell tale signs of those critters. Today was warm but nothing significant so I'm not sure if she got overheated and could have lost the color in her so quickly? She was panting just to be thorough with my observations to help but all their water bowls were full of clean, cool water and they had a fan going in the coop to circulate the air. I've checked on her in the nesting box every day and I never noticed the paleness but I could have overlooked it I suppose. Any ideas on what I should do?


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I'd re-check her for lice/mites.

Is she full on broody or perhaps has been hanging out in a nesting box because she's not well. If she's not currently sitting on eggs you wish to hatch, I'd get her up and moving about. Break the broodiness.

Paleness can be seen when a hen is not in lay, this can happen when they are broody. I'd see that her crop is emptying overnight and since it's warm weather, provide her with some electrolytes along with the fresh plain water.

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