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Pipers chicks

Apr 23, 2018
I'm so exited because my barred rock hen decided to set!!!!! I've got her in the coop with a dozen fertile eggs under her. I've raised lots of little chicks but only the day old ones. I've never hatched them from eggs and have never had a broody hen. So I need advise.

When the chicks hatch what do I feed them and moma? Do they all get starter/grower? Or will that be bad for the hen?

Will she always get of to eat/ drink or do I need to lift her of the nest ever?

I heard somewhere that you need to sprinkle the eggs with water. Do I need to do this?
Any advise is most welcome!!
I am too hatching under a broody at the moment also it is very exciting

When the chicks hatch you will need to feed the whole flock chick starter it is harmless to the bigger chickens.
start feeding grower after 8 weeks old. And don’t feed layer until the chicks are laying age.

Also make sure water is low enough for chicks and safe.

She will get off the nest when she needs to. usually 20 minutes a day she will get off and go eat, drink, and do a big smelly broody poop. the eggs will be fine why she is away

Don’t sprinkle the eggs with water the broody hen will treat them well

giving her fresh water and feed is the best you can do let the hen do the rest!

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