Hen have worms

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    Sep 27, 2014
    I was told they may have them,but I never paid much attention.But now I am positive.Out on the can was chicken poop.I saw something noodle looking.Then I thought about the dogs having this.So now I remembered WORMS!!
    Does this mean the whole flock is infected?

    I have several Local feed stores,and was curious what do I get to cure them?Is there a best brand?

    Please Info me on it!
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    If you see it in one, you should deworm everyone. They are probably all shedding so if you skip a few they will just reinfect the others. As far as what product to use, try to identify the worm and choose a product that will address them. I have never dewormed my chickens but if I did, I would just use an appropriate horse dewormer product as it will be cheaper, easier to find.
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    It's unusual to actually see worms in poop, but it does happen. I like to use Valbazen, a cattle wormer, once a year because it gets all types of worms. Safeguard, prImarily a goat wormer, is also an excellent wormer.

    The Valbazen dose for large fowl is 0.5 m. per bird by mouth, repeated in 10 days. It is a liquid so you must either squirt it into the side of their mouth or onto a scrap of bread or similar. Be sure each bird gets one and only one dose, of course. Repeat the rocess in 10 days because the worm eggs will have hatched b then, and the Valbazen does not kill the eggs. Egg withdrawal is 21 days.

    This thread discusses using either wormer further:


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