Hen hiccoughing


9 Years
May 8, 2010
Hey, I know there are alot of answers here but hoping to get some quick ones.

I have 3 Corn X's and 3 BSL's. One of the CornX's was kinda yawning and hiccuping. I thought it was gonna die. Is this a symptom of anything.

They are 8 weeks old and I might butcher them this weekend but wanted to try and hang on to one for as long as I can.

Also, can they eat the greens from tulips? Orange peels? Blueberries?
I don't know about the hiccups.

But yes, they usually LOVE blueberries. Citrus, especially peelings aren't good. And I'd skip feeding the tulip leaves, too. Tulips are fine for them to nibble at, if they do so while free-ranging. Otherwise, if they are confined, don't. Birds that are confined sometimes eat toxic amounts especially if there's little variety and choice.
She seems ok today. The 4 week old chicks have been in with the 8 week olds but protected in a metal crate.

Today I put the crate on a crutch so they can go in an out. They get pecked at and then run for cover.

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