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Jul 24, 2011
my girls now roost on an old swing its about six feet high, its metal they love it. my problem is when the winter comes and it gets cold they have no coverage . i live in georgia so the temp is really not a big problem, but if its raining and cold frost that kind of thing . i want to build a hen house for them but not sure if i should just put a roof over the swing. if i take the swing away and build something new will they be confused and try to roost in my neighbors yard also should i wrap metal with something so their feet do not freeze , or just leave them alone i dont do anything for my wild birds,
I would at least provide a roost box.... you can actually build one on a pole.... hang on I have a link I can show what I mean on my pinterest board..... doesnt have to be this extravagent though LOL!! even an Aframe box would work! housesforhens.co.uk


I suspect they'll switch to roosting in the trees (if they can access one that's suitable) once that metal gets cold. But that will also make them easier prey for raccoons and other climbing critters. They'll be much safer if you provide a secure shelter.

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