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  1. ilovemychooks

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    Sep 7, 2011
    I'm having trouble integrating a couple of my younger hens. They are almost full grown and have been laying for a while now but I still can't put them with the rest of the flock without them being attacked. I thought I had done everything right so far. When I first introduced the chicks to the flock, I built them their own area so that they could still see each other without being able to get to each other. All this time later and still if I put them together all my other hens gang up on the young ones. I've had to take them straight back out every time. Any advice on this would be fantastic. Would love to have them integrated soon so I can use the smaller area for some new chicks I just bought.
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    Can you free range them at all? If you can, let them free range together. The newer ones can always run away from the older hens. Now, if you can't free range, that's OK.

    I know this is hard, but just put them in there with the rest of the flock and walk away for a while. Don't look for a good hour. It will be upsetting and there will be alot of chasing and pecking and such, but things will calm down. It just takes a bit of time. Things will get better day by day. It's good that you have more than one hen so the newbies can stick together.

    I promise, it will calm down and get better. This is the one thing about chickens I just don't like....They can be really mean to eachother.....

    Take care,
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    I sorta have the same dilemma. I'm think of going back and getting another sex link that was raised with the group I have. But one of these was a day later getting here and they acted like she was a total stranger. I want the other puller but I won't have her beat up on by the others.
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    Apr 12, 2011
    Integrating them at this age is probably best scenario. They are laying so they are absolutely old enough. If you have not tried, use the stranger in the night strategy. There will always be some fighting for pecking order.
  5. ilovemychooks

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    Sep 7, 2011
    Thanks for the replies guys. The chooks already have free range of my yard although it's sectioned off. My next property will be in a rural area but for now I just have the back yard. Gosh leaving the young ones in there to get pecked seems a little cruel. The older ladies just WILL NOT share! They peck so hard that they make each other bleed sometimes. I'd hate to think what could happen to the younger girls if I left them alone with them. I can't handle it for even a minute. I'll see how I go extending the time they are together while I'm out there. It's going to be painful to watch but I don't think I could leave them alone for a while yet. Raising chickens is almost like raising kids! [​IMG][​IMG]

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