Hen is Contantly Moaning/Crying (?) and was Coughing


8 Years
Dec 30, 2011
My wife and I are new to raising chickens and just got 3 chicks on October. They are now 3.5 months old. Today we noticed one moaning or crying and it was kind of coughing or something. When we when over to see what was going on, it got up and started eating, and walking around as usual but still was making the noises. Tonight they are in the coop as usual and we can still hear her. My wife says it sounds like a breathing problem, but I think she is just kind of crying. Doesn't seem to be coughing any more though. We have done everything we are suppose to: chick food, light at night, plenty of clean water, etc. We didn't do any vaccinations or anything though because the feed store said they don't do anything. We live in Woodland, CA, near Sacramento. Any input would be appreciated. ~Thanks,
Thanks - I was wondering that at first, but the guy at the feed store said they wouldn't start laying until March (6 mos.). Hope you're right though, Thanks!
It sounds like when my hens and roos ate too fast, some gets down to their windpipe . So, when they make crying noises, they are trying to clear their windpipe. That is what I think when my chickens do that. Greedy buggers.
Well some will lay at 16 weeks, that's kindof the early side. But they will sing and sit in the nest like that way before they really mean it.

Six months till lay is a real long time, like on the late end. Some hens are just really noisy. I have 2 that are. One moans and whines the whole time I'm outside, for no reason. I also have a silkie who cries and moans early in the morning, I think she wants her treat. I am amazed at how long she will do this.

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