Hen is sitting on different stages of eggs.......


6 Years
Sep 16, 2013
Hi, this is our first time hatching chickens with our broody chicken, which having a broody hen is new to us as well. I went to the coop today and noticed she was sitting on another set of eggs that were layed yesterday. She got off her nest that should hatch around the 23rd of this month for about 24 hours. I put her back on the original nest, but the eggs were cold to the touch. QUESTION #1: Is there still a good chance these eggs with hatch being this far along and getting cold? I added the eggs from the new nest to her original nest in case the old nest died, I didn't want to give up on having baby chicks...... QUESTION #2: what happens to the other eggs after the first eggs (further along hatch)? QUESTION #3: should I take the baby chick from mom and let her hatch the rest? at what age can I take baby chick from mom? Thank you, much appreciated advise.
It's best to collect the eggs yourself and give them to a broody all at once so they will hatch arond the same time. About a day after the first chick hatches, she will abandon the other eggs to raise her chicks. If you take her chicks away from her, she could get quite upset and pend her time trying to find her chicks, which of course means she will not set on any remaining eggs.

Eggs can go cold and still hatch. it is normal for a mama to leave eggs for several minutes, and they can even leave them for several hours without the chicks dying.

I mark the eggs I want my broody to sit upon. I use a pencil or a permanent marker and place a huge x. All other eggs I remove. You do not want a broody to sit upon new eggs once she started incubating eggs.


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