Hen Isn't Moving...

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7 Years
Apr 18, 2012
I have a Buff Orphington And two other chickens. I only have one nesting box that they all use Inside the coop. Yesterday in the early afternoon the buff went into the nesting box and she hasn't come out yet. She has always avoided contact with people, but isn't aggressive. However, if I reach in to touch her now she snaps at me. Other than that, I have no real reason to think that she is hurt, but it isn't something I have seen from any of them. She hasn't even come out to eat or drink... Is this an issue or something that just happens once in a while?
Good call, ChickenFox. After some research on it, I agree. Now I just need to make sure she doesn't starve herself since the eggs are unfertilized....

Anyone know if I should leave her on the eggs or force her off?
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