Hen just ate a little styptic powder

please don't worry my pullet ate septic powder too after trimming her beak. she's a cross beak. it accidentally started bleeding and I had to put it on her beak. well she ATE it! thank God she was fine. if your hen starts to show signs of illness which she shouldn't but if she does you can do a molasses and water flush for no MORE than 8 hours. mine didn't get ill at all but if you for some reason see signs start the flush. don't worry I've been through this already and she should be just fine. just to be safe you know how to flush her by putting molasses in water and let her drink it will flush her body. but honestly I don't think you have to worry unless she ate the whole bottle. pm me if you have anymore questions. I'm here for you. keep an eye on her.I know it didn't hurt my pullet so likely it won't hurt you're hen. best wishes
Hi Natasha, havnt seen you in quite awhile.
I agree with Realsis. I wouldnt worry too much about it, just keep an eye on your hen for anything out of the ordinary.
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My mom wrote that previous response. She knew how worried I was. Pumpkin, she's a piece of work. Thank God she's ok. Thank you for replying. Barely cut her nails and she started bleeding. Was holding her and opened the container of styptic powder. She probably thought it was a container of worms that I usually get them. Really got worried when I saw her reaction. And I can't understand why chickens refuse to drink water in a situation like that. When I was waiting for a reply, I checked on her. One of them had laid a soft shell egg. (I always have oyster shells for them and isn't first time). With the flashlight she saw it & started eating the yolk & then the soft shell. She was still bleeding so brought her in to put the powder on her. Wouldn't you know she pecked at the **** cotton swab & got a little more powder again!!!!! I had the other half of the zucchini I gave them so showed it to her & she started eating it. Knew she was probably ok if she was eating. Was trying to help her get taste out of her mouth.

She's outside being Pumpkin again. Thank you so much for responding!!! I LOVE this website & all the people who belong to it. I've gotten nothing but terrific help & advice ( and adorable pictures) from here.

I'm so happy pumpkin is alright! I just knew she would be because my pullet ATE septic powder too! I'm so happy all is well! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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