Hen kicked from the flock?


Jun 8, 2020

I currently have two New Hampshire Reds and two Austrolorpes who have grown up together and are a little over a year old.For the most part three of them would hang out together and another was kind of a loner. She would go with the others but would be found more distant from them. She seemed to be on the lower end of the totem pole.A few days ago she started being aggressive to our dominant bird. Then our dominant bird (the one being picked on) disappeared one morning for several hours (we free range and live in the woods). When she was gone the 3 remaining ones were upset and calling for her. She came back later that day. She disappeared for several hours the next two days. No idea where she went. Today though she hasn’t returned to roost and we are worried about her being out. Any advice on how to handle this if she comes back and what may have happened? These are our first chickens so any advice on this would be very helpful. We are worried about our little chicken lady! Thank you!

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