Hen left her eggs :(


8 Years
Jun 1, 2011
My RIR was sitting on 3 eggs, they are due to hatch around 5th September. Today she left her eggs, i thought nothing of it as she hops off twice a day for 20 minutes or so to drink and eat, i went back and 4 hours later she is still off her eggs, they are stone cold. I placed her back on and she is happily sitting on them again, but is it too late? what will i see when candling if they are dead? Thanks
Mine did the same, left her sitting on the eggs in the evening and the next day she was off them and not staying when i put her back. By the time i took the eggs in to put in a make shift bator they was stone cold, when i candled them in the evening they was all still alive so you might be ok.
Hope they hatch, good luck.
thanks, she stayed when i sat her back on them and she's acting broody again, it seems like she just forgot all about it! But it's been a really cold, rainy day so they were very cold. What will i notice different when i candle if they are dead? is it just movement i should look for?

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