Hen lethargic and has green droppings


8 Years
Mar 1, 2011
So. Cal
One of my hens, who I would say is three or four years old, has been noticeably lethargic lately. She has been just laying down and sleeping, and her facial coloring is very pale compared to her normal coloring. I noticed today that her droppings are green! All the other places I have researched have said that their birds have had green watery droppings, but my hen's dropping are very green, but firm. She doesn't have mite or lice, I've looked her over several times, and she's not injured as she will walk normally when I set her down after examining her, but then she will go straight to the corner and lie down, and close her eyes and sleep. Her crop feels rather empty except for some small grainy pieces. She has been lethargic like this for at least three days. I gave her some baby vitamins, without iron and mixed in with water, today but she was reluctant to drink, so I'm not sure how much water she is getting either. Can anyone tell me what is going on with her?

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