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  1. Hi

    I have a small black Plymouth rock hen that has, for that last 2 weeks or so been losing her feathers, or plucking them out ? she has lost them from the front of her wings, her chest and parts of her tummy.. the house where she is has a lot of feathers on the ground and in the nesting boxes.. She is part of my flock of 22 hens of various breeds including Isa Browns with no roosters.

    I suspected mites so have treated both houses and every bird but she doesn't seem to be improving - she is quite nervy and she is near the bottom of the pecking order (the Isa Browns can be quite bossy!!) so wondered could it be stress ? or normal moulting?

    I haven't seen any of my other girls moult like this though, she really does look most peculiar !! wondered if anyone had any ideas what it might be and if there is something I should be doing to help her ?

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    You may want to spend some time watching and see if the other hens are plucking them out. I have a few chickens that it seems everyone pulls their feathers. I'm not sure on molting, what time of year you would see it down your way.
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    I agree, a little observation to see if others are doing it or if she is doing it to herself.

    Is it possible she is thinking of going broody and just a bit over zealous with the feather plucking? :confused:Usually if others are pulling feathers it is on the top side or near the vent.
  4. Thanks for replies, it is summer here so is warm I live in a colder area though so it's not hot like other parts of Aus. My hen is not really broody , she isn't sitting anyway.. The others do pick on her but I haven't seen them actually picking her feathers out.
    I will set up an observation post & have a good look at them this weekend & maybe set something up to keep her separate from others.


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