hen molting, a bit stuffy sounding, and it's getting colder

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    Nov 20, 2007
    My poor BR is in the middle of a pretty heavy molt and starting tonight the temperatures here in Vermont are starting to dip down again. Tonight it's supposed to be about 16 and it's all downhill from there. When I was holding her this afternoon I noticed that I could hear her breathing louder than usual, like she was a little bit stuffy. Otherwise, she looks healthy (for a pitifully molting chicken). I'm planning on adding some vitamin and electrolites to the water tomorrow morning. Is there anything else I could or should be doing for her? Would a hot mash with garlic or honey help? Anything else?
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    If she is breathing louder than normal she might be getting sick. can you kennel her and keep an eye on her?
  3. Bring her into a warm place. A portable building with a heater, a mud room anything. A heavy molt can be serious in the really cold temperatures. Chickens tend to stand around during a molt. Unless they waddle down in the litter, they might get cold to the point of dying. I had a nice hen find her way under a board, but she was on the concrete. I found her dead and I know there was nothing wrong with this bird, it was just way too cold.

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