hen not eating or drinking


Jul 25, 2021

I wander anyone can help my chicken was fine yesterday morning eating drinking normally but when i came back later that day she was hiding in the bushes standing looking bloated. not eating or drinking and her bum was like opening and closing noticeably after searching on line i thought she might be egg bound tried warm water bath minutes later she dropped her egg whilst standing with no egg shell which was unusual of her this happened shortly after she pooped. i kept her inside last night she wouldn't still eat but fed her via syringe. overnight i kept my eyes on her she looked lifeless unfortunately this morning she was bringing up all the fluids and she was sitting with her head down but i did notice her comb was bright red and she was breathing heavily and short after she passed away sadly i am so saddened she was my favourite and it seemed it happened all too suddenly. i wonder anyone expereinced this and is there anything i could have done to save her


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Feb 12, 2015
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I'm sorry for your loss. Without a necropsy it would just be guessing. A soft shelled or shell less egg can be very hard for them to pass and makes them feel awful. It's possible that she had another behind that one and wasn't able to pass it. Also possible that she was having reproductive problems. Necropsy would be the way to know for sure.

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