Hen not laying anymore.


6 Years
Sep 14, 2013
We have 4 hens 2 are about 20 weeks old and the othere 2 are about 14 weeks old. Our 1 black sexlink started laying eggs about 6 week ago. The weather was cool and then got hot again and she has not layed an egg in 2 weeks. Any suggestions?

I just put a light in the coop on a timer, with daylight fading away quickly they might need to have more daylight depending where you live, worth a try?
hi ya afahland

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Make sure she's not egg bound. I lost one of my bantams from that
If she's swollen, not eating, standing with her eyes closed or it seems like she has bad balance and topples over then she is probably egg bound. Though if it's been two weeks she would have died by now. When the weather changes my hens don't lay for awhile either
Thanks for all the advise. The day after I posted this, she laid an egg. The next day, another one decided to start laying.

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