hen not laying - laying "rubber eggs"


6 Years
Apr 12, 2014
I have a black laced Wyandotte that is approximately 16 months old. She as two other chickens in her flock and they are free range, with layer crumbles, oyster shells and water available at all times. She quit laying all together about a month ago. I thought that she was molting, but then about 2 wks ago, she started laying what I call rubber eggs. Basically no shell, just the membrane. She seems to feel just fine, goes about her daily hunting and pecking and doesn't appear to be underweight or suffering in any way. These are my first chickens so I don't know if I should be doing something for her. The other two are laying just fine.
Did you find alot of feathers around? Sometimes, after they molt, when the laying starts back up again they can lay some irregular eggs, like the shell-less egg you've gotten. How many rubber eggs has she layed for you now?
There are a few feathers around, but since I have never gone through a molt with them I am not sure if that is what it is. She has been laying a couple of the rubber eggs each week for about 4 wks now.
Soft shell eggs are usually due to lack of calcium. But sometimes with oyster shells, they still lay them. I usually go to crushed egg shells. They eat them like treats and have a more immediate impact. But some older birds just have issues that can not be fixed without a vet. Not everyone is so attached to their birds to justify the expense of a vet.
Thank you. I will try the crushed egg shells and if that doesn't work, I will take her to the vet. We only have three so they are like family to us (and the grandkids).

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