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My first eggs were layed around July of this year. Had a tragedy and lost all but two of my flock after that. Now I have 2 hens left, one hatched in March and the other early April. The March hen has started laying one a day now except Wednesdays and Sundays...DSO says she is a religious hen..LOL My question is, why the second hen still has not started laying. She shows no signs of even eyeing the nesting box. Am I wasting my time with her or what? Forgot to say they are BR and very large hens.
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Neither of my hens hatched in early April are laying yet. Give it some more time I suppose. Here in Wisconsin the winters get really cold and my birds generally don't start to lay for several months.
One of my BRs hatched in early April is still not laying, yet. All in good time. Be patient.
We have a BA that was hatched around 3/20 (28 weeks old) and she still isn't laying. She's our biggest chicken and in the process of taking over the top spot in the flock. She just started squatting for us last week so we will hopefully see some eggs soon. They do free range during the day so we search the yard several times a week just in case she is laying outside the coop. Have not found a single egg. Our three 21 week old girls may beat her to egg laying if she doesn't get with it!

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