Hen on the nest keeps moving!

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    I've got a hen setting on eggs in a10 hole nest. And the other hens like to lay their eggs in HER nest and they peck her until she moves. And then she goes to another nest. I've tried moving her and the eggs to a small box, but she freaks out and won't set on them until I put her back into the 10 hole nest. What can I do? I was going to build her a nest about 12"x12" and put a back on it and put a 6" board over the front so the other hens can't get to her and peck her and they wouldn't be able to get in there with her, but I'm afraid she'll get to hot. It's been anywhere from 80 to 95 degrees. Any suggestions?


    Here is a pic of one of my girls on her nest!

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    What I had to do was mark all the eggs under the hen, then I would ave to daily collect the unmarked eggs. This went on for the first week and a half, after that point she allowed me to finally move her to a rabbit hutch. after that everything was fine and no worries.

    I had to do all of this, cause the first time I tried to move her, she went nuts, and refused to sit till I put her back. But once she sat for a while, she was okay with moving.
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    Marking the eggs are a great idea....also, try moveing her at nigt. She will be more receptive to it. Good luck with your hatch!

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