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    I have a hen (my first!) hatching two eggs (the first started to pip today!!) Problem is, the eggs were laid 5 days apart and incubation started with the first egg. ( I intended to let her hatch just 1 egg, but the laying hen snuck into the box where broody was sitting and laid another egg, then i couldn't tell them apart! lol) SOOOO, the second egg isn't due to hatch for five more days. I don't have an incubator, so i was thinking of letting chick 1 stay with mom for a day or so, then snatch it at night so hen will keep incubating egg 2, then return chick 1 to mom after chick 2 hatches. What do you think of this plan?

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    Sounds Great! [​IMG]
    Only ... be sure to post pictures! [​IMG]
  3. Hi Stephanie! If it were me, I would take the first chick as soon as it hatches. Move it to a heated brooder and keep it there until the second egg hatches (feed it and water it, of course).
    When the second egg hatches, you can try to move the first chick from the brooder back out with the hen --- and she can raise both of them.
    Good luck!

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