Hen or Roo? What breed?


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Jun 2, 2020
Hello, I recently got a chicken, it was gave to me. I have some ducks but don’t know anything about chickens. Can you tell if it’s a Hen or Roo? And What breed? Do I need to get more chicks? Will it be okay with my ducks? Any info you have I would really appreciate!!


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Also how old do you think it is? Does it need a heat lamp at nights?
It looks like a Cornish cross cockerel. Cornish cross are one of my favorite pet chickens!!

Oh my gosh thank you! I just googled pictures, would you have any guess on the age? Do I need to use a heat lamp?
Cornish cross are like special-needs chickens. Mine lived over two years and she would have lived longer, but she got killed by a animal. I advise you to not give him an automatic feeder, and to not give him a unlimited amount of food at all. They will overeat and their legs may break and they can develop health problems. Give him a large area so he can run around. My Cornish cross was my favorite pet I have ever had. So I purposely got another one lol. She is 4 months and doing great!! Cornish cross seem to get overheated quite easily, so make sure that he has shade.

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