Hen or Roo


Oct 6, 2020
Hi all! This is the last post I'll do of Bessie. they are about 8 weeks old.
I'm 99.9% sure she's a he, but I want some second opinions. I found someone near me that donates birds to 4H. He's willing to take him.

Bestie is the red one on the right

Bestie is on the left in this one.
Handsome boy!

He is a handsome boy, and he's very sturdy. He looks the same size as the other Reds, but he's all muscle, barely any feathers.

You wouldn't want him would you? ;) lol

We can't have roosters in our area. :( I'm bummed we have to give him up, but the second someone complains when he crows we will get so many fines if we don't get rid of him right away. So, I'm being proactive while he's a youngun.
Thanks all! He's going to go to a 4H kid, for now we will give him all the love. He can't help he's a he and we wont' treat him any differently.

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