Hen or rooster - Any ideas?

LD Jackson

8 Years
May 1, 2011
Roland, OK
Don't you just love these guessing games? Anyone who thinks it is an easy task to get good pictures of chickens obviously has tried it before. The first picture is one of my Black Australorps, born around May 1st.


Here is a Barred Rock, also born around May 1st.


This is a Buff Orpington, again with a birthday around May 1st.


Here are my Rhode Island Reds, born around May 7th. Out of the three, I think I have two hens, simply because there is a distinct difference in the way their tail feathers are progressing. The one I think is a rooster has virtually no tail feathers, whereas the other two have quite a few.




This is another of my Black Australorps.

well i'm certainly no expert, or anything LIKE an expert, but i'd say the last one looks like a roo (because he's larger than all the others, his stance says 'roo' and he has a more developed comb, all the others look like girls to me.

again, mostly i'm just guessing though...
First Australorp looks like a pullet. The Barred Rock is a pullet, nice looking too. A roo would be lighter shade barring. The Buff, I would like a side view, but I would hazard a guess, pullet. The RIR I am going to saying roo, only because my RIR pullet is more a solid color, whereas yours has the barring on it's wing. The last Australorp I would say roo. It looks like he is getting some saddle feathers.
I am pretty sure the last Australorp is a rooster. The picture didn't show it, but he is also developing wattles.

The reason I am thinking I have two RIR hens and one rooster is their tail feathers. I have read that the hens develop their tail and wing feathers sooner than a rooster, but I am not sure how accurate that is.
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