Hen orROO!!!??


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May 15, 2011
Hey everyone, I have two silver Whyodottes, and one Red Chantacleer.First I got two Chantacleers, Boe,and Peep.
But then sadly peep died.So, I got two more.Sweety, and bandit( Their the Whyodottes). Their all suposed to be hens,
but sweety is the only one with a comb, The rest haven't developed them yet.They are all about six wk's. please help, Is sweety a Roo!
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I'd hate to say it, but probably. Roos have bigger, redder combs. If they are all the same age, and only one of them has a comb, it is probably a rooster.
Post a picture so we can all get a good look at her
How do I post a pic. If I learn how to post a pic it wont be today because I'm doing some stuff but , mabye tommarow!!
If my sweety is for sure a roo than I cant keep him! Anybody know how to fnd a good home for a roo?? please help me if you can
Wyandottes are hard to distinguish between a roo and a hen by just a description and a comb. I had 4 SLW's who people thought should have been crowing at an early age and they turned out to be hens. There is an uploads tab up on the blue bar ^^^. Put your picture in there and copy the image link and post. True SLW's come with a rose comb but those single combs do pop up and they grow faster than the rose combs.
Thank guys , I can't post a pic today but mabye later
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Sorry it took me so long the reply,but I'm not going to post a pic because my friend who has chickens took a look at mine and said that their most likely all hens.
They have had chicken for a long time so I'm pretty sure their right! But thankyou for all your help!!

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