hen-pecked comb - almost detached

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    Feb 13, 2009
    We have three chickens in a fairly large coop (not a space problem). Three different breeds, all around 6 months old. The cuckoo maran is the oldest, but is getting picked on by one or both of the others. She's already laying, the other two aren't yet. She has a bright red face and bright red comb. When she was a couple months old, she got out of the small chick coop and in with the "big girls" and had her partially grown-in comb, partially pecked off. It healed, and the part that was left came in nicely. Now, a few months later she's getting picked on again. The comb she has is only about a centimeter or two in length, and it's been pecked at, bloody in places, black in places, and looks like it's about to detach from the top of her head. She also has had some bloody scratches on her beak where it meets her face. Is this something to be concerned about? Even if it does come off, will it cause her much damage? Should we just put some betadine on it? help!
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    Jul 16, 2009
    best coast
    First of all, separate her from the others. You might want to dub her if the comb is really as messed up as you say. Definitely use an antibiotic on it.
    She is probably in a lot of pain so get to work fixing her up!

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