Hen-pecked turkey poult... head injury!


May 21, 2014
Beaver County, PA
Help! We were out all day (dentist appointments down in the city) and just got home and went out back to feed the birds & rabbits. As I walked down the back steps I saw that one of the turkey poults (about 9 weeks old) had just gotten into the chicken run and the hens were attacking! Thank goodness it was just happening, because if I hadn't been there to stop it, I'm sure they would have killed the poult. The back of its head is bloody like the skin was ripped off but they only went after the back of the head so there aren't any internal/deep injuries. I have to run my daughter somewhere in a couple minutes and I'm going to stop by TSC on my way home. What should I get? Blu-kote? Anything else? I've never had to deal with an injury like this before.
Last summer, one of our poults was scalped so badly that he had a half-dollar size hole at the back of his head. We kept him separated for a day, used Blu-Kote + Neosporin (w/o pain relief) for the first 24 hours, then just the Blu-Kote. Four weeks later, dude's scalp was good as new; you couldn't even tell a difference between him and our other tom!

Good luck!

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