hen/rooster language


9 Years
May 22, 2010
so, new to chickens over here. i've got a brood of 7 nine week olds and i've been playing the ever popular game, "are you a rooster," like mad. my most suspicious little one started to make an adorable wheezy bok bok bok noise recently, when i would go to pick "her" up. this got me thinking about chicken language. i obviously know that chickens do bok bok boook and err err errrrrer errrr, and i've since learned they have a ton of other noises too. i've even learned that hens can learn to crow but that it's not soooo typical.

my question is, do roosters make a bok bok bok noise in between all the crowing or do they have their own rooster specific noises?
Roosters can imitate all the hen noises when they want to including the egg song
When hens crow it never sounds very convincing - mine does it and she sounds more like an owl trying to do a chicken impression.
Well, once they get to laying age, they will do an egg song (search around here or YouTube for an example) that sounds very similar to what you're describing. I have had some make the same noise when they're excited about something happening around them such as when i was sinking in some new fence posts with a sledgehammer. Sometimes when one starts, it's contagious and others join in.

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