Hen Rubs her Head

Pretty Pony

13 Years
Dec 2, 2008
Ft. Smith, AR
I have one SLW hen that is rubbing her head on her back. She is eating and walking around but will stop, sit and rub the back of her head . I have been giving her vitamins for the last two weeks on and off. I even banded her leg at one point just so I could id her as she was getting so much better, I couldn't find her in the flock. She does sound "raspy" when I hold her. Now I think she has an upper respiratory problem. How should I treat this? All the other hens are just fine..??
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as far as the respitory problem,dont do anything unless you think shes having trouble breathing.then,if it were me,id seperate and start her on duramycin,or whatever antibiotic is available to you.
That's where I am conflicted...She does sound rattlely, but other than this head rubbing thing, she is active, eating , and when I let the hens out for the day, she runs with all the girls..
if it were me i probably wouldnt treat at this time and just try to keep an eye on her.as far as rubbing her head,is it possible she may have some parasites?

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