Hen self-mutilation??


Mar 19, 2015
central NY
The head hen in my flock seems to be pulling her own feathers.
Last year, when she was 8 or 9 months old, I noticed that she had pulled the feathers out on her belly, where I couldn't see them unless I picked her up. Some people said she may be going broody, but never did.
But in the last two months she seems to be getting more neurotic about the feather pulling. At first I noticed some "curly" feathers on her chest, and wondered what could be causing it. But more recently I notice when she squats that the bend of her wings is mostly bald, and her chest is starting to show some balding spots.
She is also a bit jumpier these days. She has always been my friendliailableest girl, loves the squat fro me and hang out with me when I'm out.
The chickens have fermented 20% grower/starter because of some younger pullets. They get crushed eggshells and oyster shells free choice. They always have food and water available, with some BOSS every evening. She lays very well.
Any idea what's going on or what I can do to help her?

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