hen shuffling eggs on hatch day!??


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Apr 11, 2012
I've always been an incubator of eggs so I'm used to those guidelines. I've only had one Buff Orp lay and hatch eggs, but I was not around for the process..she took off one day and actually thought nature got ahold of her until almost 2 months later showed up with 14 babies. Lol. Okay, I currently have a mama Serama sitting on 5 eggs (there were more but 7 never made it past 2 weeks) due to harsh Wisconsin temperatures I have my Serama's indoor, so I get to experience a hen "doin her thang" :) she has been a great mama so far, wouldn't even move off her eggs to eat or drink so I moved it close enough for her to access it without having to leave her eggs. But finally, HERE IS MY QUESTION.... one of the 5 hatched, others are pipped, she every so often keeps shuffling the eggs around, HOW IS THIS GOOD??? AREN'T THEY IN POSITION TO HATCH, AND IF SHE'S MOVING THEM AROUND I WOULD ASSUME IT'S THROWING OFF THEIR POSITIONING??? I'm starting to freak out a bit that one or all might be upside down and not able to hatch!!! I've heard Serama eggs in general can be extremely difficult to get to hatch day and then even the first few weeks of life can be not so smooth. Out of 12 eggs I don't want to be left with nothing, especially if there is good advice out there that I could be doing and intervene to prevent any other deaths????


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Sep 14, 2013
Don't panick, it's normal. Mine are broke up the eggs on the 26th day and helped the chick out, and my other hen have a talent to throw eggs out after seven days if not fertile.
She knows what she doing its in her DNa program.
She will be just fine let her do her job and have a nice cup of tea. :D


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Apr 11, 2011
Agreed, its fine. My hens do it too. I've also seen quite a few of them get up for a poop/feed break when they had pipped eggs. Freaked me out, but they were fine too :)

Pork Pie

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Jan 30, 2015
Great hatch and i agree that the beauty of letting a mother hen hatch her eggs is that you have to do diddly squat! She knows what she is doing, and will also look after integrating her chicks nicely into the rest of your flock.


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