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Aug 21, 2008
I had admired the Hen Spa Deluxe Coop and planned to buy one from the manufacturer when I finally had the time and space for chickens. Now have the time, space, and money to buy one.

Unfortunately, my timing has proven to be very bad. The manufacturer is no longer in business!

Are any plans available for this coop ... or a close approximation?

Thanks for any assistance or advice.

Northern Illinois
I greatly highly recommend finding someone to custom make a coop.

You do need to be exact in what you want, and look around until you get the level of quality verses price that you are happy with, but then it is just perfect.

Also, since I see that you are in northern Illinois, I think it would be best if you insulate your coop, and it is close to impossible to find a pre-made coop that is insulated.

look through the very many coop pictures on this site, and then decide what you want!

Many great, fun, and imaginative features cost no more than the basic stuff, so definitely take the time to plan.
Thanks, Alaskan!

I certainly agree our winters in Northern Illinois warrant insulation! I live in an earth sheltered home.

I'd given up on thinking I could buy a ready-made coop ... after the Hen Spa manufacturer shut down (That coop looked pretty well constructed.)

So I'd like to find plans for a coop that'd operate like Hen Spa and either build it myself or hire my favorite carpenter to do the job.

Thanks again!

Northern Illinois
The one thing that I saw about the Hen Spa that I didn't like was that it didn't look like it was easy to clean.

I really like giant doors so every corner is easily excusable with no bending, crawling, climbing etc required on my part.

I GREATLY and VERY highly recommend putting in poop trays no matter what kind or style of coop you choose. (read up on PDZ, there are lots of threads about it on this site, the stuff is fantastic)

Also, if you get lots of snow, I would pay close attention to where the snow will go, and how that will alter coop access. Because of the snow, I also really like at least some run covered.

One feature I really like it that I have a dutch door into my run. When the snow gets deep, the bottom part of the door stays closed and I only open the top part of the door and walk in that way. So no shoveling required!

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