Hen standing in water bucket, lethargic

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    there is someone on our state bird fanciers forum that has a hen that is newer to her flock that is standing in the water bucket, it is lethargic, not laying or egg bound, no injury to feet or legs or underbelly area. She is newer to the flock though and they are wondering if the bird might be older now as a thought.

    This is what she posted: We have a chicken who is acting oddly. She keeps standing in the water bucket. She's a bit lethargic & not laying. She is eating and elimination seems normal. But she's a bit off. Any idea why she might be standing in the water bucket? I put her on antibiotics just in case but I've never seen anything like this before.

    Its really pestering me what it is - any ideas?

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    Hopefully this hen is in quarantine or has been for at least a month, so the flock is not at as much risk.

    Is it hot where the hen is? If so she could be standing in the bucket to cool off. How deep is the bucket – is her body/body feathers getting wet?


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