Hen started with 2 eggs, now has 13


6 Years
Jun 23, 2015
I have a Black Astralope hen who about 4 weeks ago started setting on some eggs. She moved and left the eggs for a day or two so I pitched them then the following week she started setting again so this time I thought ok I'll give you another try. I gave her 2 eggs to set on and she stayed on them in the same nest. I left her alone and just continued gathering the eggs in the other nests but as time went on those eggs kept dwindling so after another week I decided to look under her to see just what was going on. Walla, she had 13 eggs under her, she evidently had been stealing eggs from the other nests, I guess. So I decided to move her and her 13 eggs into a pen by herself where she has been for 2 weeks. This week should show me if we will get any chicks.
I didn't want chicks but this hen has been persistant so we will see.
She didn't have time to lay the extra 11 eggs so she must have stollen them, has anyone else had this happen? I can't be the only one. I have a friend who was amazed at this and she has had chickens for years.
My laying hens scratch the eggs from the nearby nests into their nests all the time, or simply sit on top of the broody and lay their eggs into the same nest. Either way, it's not unusual to have extra eggs show up

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