Hen still incubating eggs


Apr 22, 2020
I gave her 11 eggs
Today is day 21
I saw 2 chicks on day19
Today I saw 6 chicks and 2 unpipped eggs
Others eggs are under her

Some chicks are around 2 days old
They are pecking at straw and other legs and feathers (no injury though )

Should I provide some feed near nest
Or I should wait one more day

What if I lift her up and see what under her
Will she leave her nest ??

Any advice would be appreciated
She'll leave when she's ready to. If you put food and water within reach she'll start teaching the older chicks what to do, but she must know some chicks aren't ready to move yet or that there are still eggs hatching under her. They usually wait 3 days before moving with their new brood.

Enjoy them.
9 hatched
2 eggs hasnt pipped yet
I shouldnt candled them but I candled them
They have so small embroy
When I candled other eggs on day 17
They were dark and only air cell is visible
( In unpipped eggs ) Embroy are like 1/4 of the egg
Hen still sitting and pushing them inside

Any advice would be appreciated
By tomorrow she should hopefully realise nothing else is going to hatch and get up to take care of her hatched chicks. If not, seeing as you know there's no hope for the others, I'd remove the eggs and make her get up. She'll show her chicks where the food and water is and likely return to the nest to keep them warm. She shouldn't take them too far from the nest for a few days then as they become stronger she'll wander further with them.

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