Hen stopped laying????


6 Years
Jun 7, 2013
First a little background. I have four hens two of which I raised from an incubator. Two I purchased from someone local. I was told at the time the two were roughly six months old back October of 2013. The other two eggs that I raised were born in October of 2013. Now I have two hens that started laying about 3 weeks ago. When they started laying I was getting one egg about everyone other day for the first few days then it was regularly. Now this past week I've been getting eggs again about every other day. I don't know which two are laying but I suspect that it's the two older hens that I purchased. The past two days I have only gotten 1 egg. Do anyone know why I this would be happening. The weather has been a lot warmer lately and I wouldn't think they would be slowing down on egg laying.

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