hen triying to lay humongous first egg, but is stopped by membrane.


13 Years
Aug 10, 2009
yesturday i let the hens out, and my serama/japaneese bantam mutt was doing the whining sound that the hens do when they are going to lay their egg, i thought:- at last!!!!!. (she is 11 months old, i only kept her because she didn't eat much and she is to small to eat) so 4 hours later, at 11:00 i go to check on her and shes pushing ...... and pushing...... so pi pick her up look and, omg, there is a huge egg stuck behind a membrane so i go upstairs get a knife, and cut through the membrane, and out pops an egg that looks like it should have come out of my laying hens bum
so i bring her inside and wash the blood off her bottom feathers, and soaked the area with sugar mixed with warm water and after ten minutes of doing that she plops it all back in, it was like a hymen on a girl/woman, ,maybe? but ot just didnt breack ?
her cloaca has streched so much it is actually hanging down and it is bruised very badly, i have rubbed rescue remedy around the floppy area. so this morning when i had breackfast i oppened the egg and you wont believe this, 4 yolks!!!!!!!! i was astonished.....
any way my question is, will this happen again, if it does i'm prepared to cull her if she has to go through this every time she lays an egg.
I would say there is a great chance it will happen again or that she will get egg bound...especially if this is a sample of her first egg! Usually a first egg is very small.

I don't know if I would have cut any "membrane" that may have appeared to be enveloping this egg either...sounds a little iffy about what exactly you have cut. Could cause permanent damage...maybe someone else out there would know more about that item, but it sounds a little scarey.

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