Hen troubles!

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    Yesterday my neighbors hen has poop stuck to her butt, so we came over and cleaned it up and gave her some probiotics. She started eating and drinking right after cleaning. Today she's got poop stuck in her feathers again and it's black and liquid like. Is it normal? I have usually only seen this in chicks not hens. What should we do?
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    Snip all the dirty feathers off, and give the area a wipe with some olive oil
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    I would also deworm the chicken (and flock) with Valbazen or SafeGuard Liquid Goat wormer 1/2 ml orally, then repeat in 10 days. If the droppings stay like that, and are smelly, it could be a case of enteritis which can be treated with many different drugs such as Amoxicillin, Tylan, Aureomycin,Penicillin, Gallimycin, and others. Here is a link to read about it: http://www.thepoultrysite.com/diseaseinfo/101/necrotic-enteritis
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    Can you post a picture of her poop?


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