Hen walking on toes and Rooster hopping on one leg

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    Oct 12, 2011
    I have two chickens (of 9) that have a problem with their legs/feet. They're both 26 weeks and barred rocks. The hen is walking on her toes and the rooster is hopping around with only one leg. They both have been like this for about a month. (Maybe two different things, but both birds "problems" happened within days of each other.)

    I've checked and cannot find anything obvious; no open soars/cuts. The pads of their feet look normal, no swelling. The rooster is no longer crowing and his tail is usually down. The hen seems normal, until you see her walk, which she does as little as possible. She flys to the hen house for food & water. Then, flys back to the outside perch. I doubt she's laying eggs.

    Both are eating and drinking, and alert. They have been in and out of the hen house and in the fenced yard.

    I read something about curly-toe syndrome and gave all the chickens vitamin b2 in their water, by dissolving a pill that I purchased at the pharmacy. Everyone's been drinking the water, but not showing any improvement.Another recommendation was to use Duramycin 10. They were on the antibiotic for 10 days, without any improvement.

    It doesn't seem they're in pain because they're socializing with the others and in & out of the hen house like the rest of them. The rooster seems uncomfortable because he's not using that leg, his tail is down, & not crowing, but still hanging out with everyone else.

    Any ideas?

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