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    I checked on my flock of isa browns this evening after i had change their bedding and noticed some blood drops on the bedding. I checked all four butts and found one hen bleeding front her vent area. I also found a soft broken egg layed in the coop too. She layed the soft egg very late in the evening, the other 3 layed first thing in the morning.

    I brought the one hen inside for a bath and to check her out. I removed some poop and a few feathers. I isolated her to a very large box in the garage. Currently no bleeding and she is eating, drinking and pooping normally. Im gonna keep her isolated overnight and see how she is in the AM. She is also still her sassy self too. In the am ill decide if she is ok to go back in the coop or stay isolated.

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    She may have passed a large thin shelled egg that caused the bleeding, but I would be concerned that her vent was pecked by the other hens. Vent pecking can get deadly if it goes too far. The vent can get damaged from pecking. Just spend some time watching their behavior. I have a hen who lays daily thin eggs from an injury, and then hens literally can't wait to peck her egg and eat it, so they hang around her in the nest box in anticipation. Newer layers can have blood smeared eggs and also problems with soft eggs.
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