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May 6, 2011
I have a young Buff Orpington hen that has black spots on her comb since Tuesday. It has been very mild here in NY but its been in the 20's the last few days. Could it be frostbite or something else? No one else in the flock has this. I have pics, but Im not sure how to post them on here. If someone can tell me how, I will put them up.
I want to help her if there's something I need to do!!
frostbite is typically on the tips of the comb. Could be Avian pox - I just went through this. Black spots, a little bit crusty typically, show up all over the comb. If that's what it is it will generally spread through the whole flock. It isn't typically deadly, but mine stopped laying until they got better.
She could just have some scabs too, from either a rooster grabbing her comb and mating with her, or maybe she had a squabble with another hen, also, she could have scraped it or scratched on something too.

My turkey tom attacked my rooster, and cut him comb, and then he had a black scab for a while. It could be from that......

How do they get Avian pox?? Is there a treatment?
I got her (and 3 others) on Nov. 8th and added them to our flock. THis is the first I've seen of the spots.
Hard to see but could either be pecking injuries or fowl pox. I just lost a BO to the wet form of fowl pox (in the mouth and throat), but the dry form (scabs on the comb/wattles) is generally self limiting and will just go away in a few weeks. There isn't a treatment, but you could use betadine on the scabs if they get really bad to help dry them up.

If it's pecking, it's probably ok unless it's bleeding, in which case I'd blu-kote the areas if needed to discourage the others.

Does not look like frostbite.
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