Hen with day old chicks has mites??? Question

Silkie Sue

13 Years
Jun 23, 2007
Sarnia, Ontario
my Silkie hatched some chicks on Saturday and i noticed today that she was crawling with mites
her eyes were crusted shut and i felt so bad)
i put the chicks in the brooder and bathed her and rinsed her and soaked her and still the mites were there.
I got out the DRI-KIL ( which i hate) and dusted her after i dried her.
how soon can i put her back with the chicks... will the DRI-KIl hurt the chicks?
if anyone know please help
put a shoebox full of sand in a corner of your coop and she will jump in it and she will dust bath and everything will be fine
Sorry, but a simple dust bath isn't going to help a heavy mite infestation.

First of all, identify the kind of mite you're dealing with:


Treatment will probably include treating the coop (the nestbox she brooded her chicks in is probably crawling with mites), and retreatment in a week or so to catch the eggs that will be hatching out new mites.

Check the chicks over, too. Mites can be deadly to chicks.
Thanks guys.
i checked her today and i still see some but they are not moving i did not see any live ones. She is in the brooder with the chicks and i have treated it as well. i have tomorrow off so i will take care of her home in the barn and will retreat in 10 days. thanx again for the info

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