Hen with feather loss and bare bottom

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    May 10, 2014
    Hi all! This is my two-year-old barred rock. She has had an almost completely bare bottom around her vent for a couple of months now, and has also only laid once in that time. Any idea what's going on? This photo is from a week or so ago, and it has gotten worse. We sprayed her bottom with Blu-Kote because it looked like it was getting infected, and I have never seen evidence or mites or lice any time I have examined her. She is the mama alpha and is definitely not being pecked by the other hens. She never lays in the nest box and she stopped roosting, sleeping on the floor of the coop in the pine shavings. Any other ideas about what might be going on? No feather loss from any of the other five hens. Large, clean coop built for ten, access to a run with straw and the outdoors, lots of clean water and food. Thanks so much!

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    I'm not sure what is causing that...
    but maybe some 10 minute soakings with warm water and epsom salt would be helpful...?
    a little vaseline to keep it from drying and itching...?

    Maybe there are vitamins for feathering problems...?

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