Hen with sprained leg???

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    May 8, 2008
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    My best columbian hen [​IMG] of course, is hobbling around. She went broody in a huge planter on my porch. She was completely hidden by the plants so I never worried much about predators plus we live in a well-populated area. Anyway, the ohter day I noticed her cleaning herself and fumbling a bit. I didn't pay much attention.. thought she was just being lazy. This morning I found her huddled up next to the pot. I don't think her and her peep jumped up there last night. I brought her out in the yard and she cannot walk. I felt her up and her right leg is painful to the touch.

    I brought her in with food and water and her and her peep are both eating and drinking. She, otherwise, looks healthy.

    Can chickens recover from a sprain.. maybe she sprained it jumping down from the pot... app. 2 and a half feet? [​IMG]

  2. Buff Hooligans

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    Jun 11, 2007
    I would say yes. You did the right thing by getting her alone and keeping an eye on her. Just keep checking for swelling, which might indicate a break. Good luck, I hope she recovers soon.
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    Yes they can recover from a sprain [​IMG] We recently bought chicks and while we were picking them out one of the feed store's cats knocked the box over and one sprained its leg. I was really worried there for a while. It took at least 2 weeks to recover and it is still the smallest (I guess from not getting as much food) She just rested on her belly most of the time and I kept her food and water close. After a few days she would hobble around a few steps and then sit some more. Now she is running like a greyhound. Just give her time and a comfy place to sit around.
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    Apr 23, 2007
    One of our little mille hens had its leg get sprained or come out of its socket.

    My husband popped it and it seemed a bit better. She couldnÂ’t put any weight on it for at least two weeks. We were so worried about what were going to do with this very healthy chicken that might never walk again!

    She took a little over three weeks to recover.

    She is now a permanent fixture of our household... I am still trying to kick her out of my husbandÂ’s office. She would sit with him whenever he was on the computer or working. She is so in love with him.

    We have been transitioning her back outside and she seems to be doing fine!

    PS... CONGRATULATIONS on your new arrival!

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