Hen with spurs? Blood spot on shells and yoke.

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    I have a Welsumer chicken by the name of McNugget. McNugget has spurs on her/his legs. Do hens grow spurs or is she a rooster in disguise? McNugget never crows. She/he was almost killed when she/he was hatched 1 1/2 years ago, by the hen that hatched her/him. My daughter saved McNugget and we kept her safe until she/he was large enough to take are of herself. I also have been getting eggs with a blood spot on the yoke. Does this mean they are ferilized? Is it possible for McNugget to have both male and female sex organs or be an underdeveloped rooster, and to be the source of the possibly ferilized eggs. I also got an egg yesterday with spots of blood on the shell. Do I have a hen who is headed for a prolapse?
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    I can't answer some of your questions for you. I do know my roo is under a year and crows but doesn't have spurs yet. Usually males with spurs don't get them until 2 years or so and by then, they really look like roos. can you post a pic of him? Fertilized eggs, if collected immediately, usually have a white spot on the yolk. [​IMG]
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    Hey that's interesting! My Welsummer hen also is my only hen with spurs. They are only about a quarter inch but quite sharp. I wonder if that's a breed trait? I'm inclined to say yes since we both have them that way.

    As mentioned- blood spots are pretty normal and don't have anything necessarily to do with fertilization. An egg with a blood spot _may_ also be fertilized, but just coincidently. An egg without a blood spot can also be fertilized.

    Do you get eggs from the Welsummer? I'm guessing that even if she was a roo, if 'he's' not crowing yet, he's probably not mating either.

    I also occasionally see blood on the shells of eggs. Usually its been when they first start laying, but every once in a while my older gals have one like that too. I don't think thats anything to worry about unless its really a lot of blood (which I've never seen). I just store it that way, and then wash the egg just before I use it.
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