Hen with swollen eye/face help please

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    Oct 30, 2009
    This is a 2 year old hen that we have and this is how I found her eye and face this morning. Excuse the lack of feathers on her back we had a couple too many roosters till they went to freezer camp and her feathers are just now growing back.
    I've never seen this before, none of our other chickens have this, she acts pretty normal eating and drinking. She seems to not see too well on the bad side as she runs into things sometimes. There's no nasal discharge or coughing/wheezing she doesn't act sick in any other way. She might not be eating quite as normal because her crop is rather empty but she eats when I offer a whole grain muffin as a treat. What can I do for her? Does it look infectious? Injury? Need antibiotics? Thanks for any help.
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    Jul 24, 2013
    Its possible that she got stung by a bee or a wasp. These insects sometimes cause swelling. Or, she may have gotten pecked by another chicken.

    However, I think that she could have a respiratory disease. It is likely bacterial, so I'd get an antibiotic. Tylan50 and Tylan200 are the best antibiotics for respiratory diseases. The dosage for Tylan50 is 1cc for large fowl, .5ccs for bantams, injected into the breast muscle for 5 days. The dosage for Tylan200 is .1-.3ccs for bantams, .5ccs for large fowl, injected into the breast muscle for 3-4 days. You could try Oxytetracyline, but this antibiotic is weaker, and may not work.

    Keep her isolated, and make sure that feed and water is nearby. Make sure that she is eating enough by giving her delicious foods, such as scrambled eggs, moistened chicken crumbles, yogurt (don't give this if giving antibiotics), and applesauce. You could also get her some chicken electrolytes and probiotics (don't give probiotics if using antibiotics).

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