Hen won't eat :(

Shark Akhrrana

Apr 9, 2010
Chicken Land
I got a brahma hen.she is a nice and active hen. She is a bit rough on the brahma rooster . However I have a bigger issue I'm worried about. Se won't eat the food the other chickens are eating. She will eat veggies and mealworms that I have given her. But she just won't eat the other food. Any suggestions?


9 Years
Apr 11, 2011
Are you positive shes not eating the feed? You said shes nice and active, does she still have good weight and feather condition? How often do you feed the greens and mealworms? If you feed them alot, she may just be eating them because her pallet preferes them. I would cut out the treats and just give them the feed. When she gets hungry, she will eat the feed. Once shes eating her feed like she should reintroduce the treats slowly and give them sparingly. Thats really the only help I can offer going off what you wrote. Here are some more questioms that may help get the answer youre looking for: what type of feed are you offering? Have you treated them for parasites? Have you checked to make sure the feed is still good? Sorry Im not much help, good luck.

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