Hen won't lay in the nest boxes anymore?!


9 Years
Jul 20, 2010
Half Way, Missouri
Several of my hens have quit laying in the nest boxes. Nothing has changed but one RIR insists on laying the corner of the coop, one EE insists on laying under our camper trailer, and one EE insists on laying in the barn. How can I get them to lay in the nest boxes again? Or is it just a lost cause?? All of my other hens are laying in the boxes without problems- could it be that I need more nesting boxes? I have 6 right now and have about 30 hens. Only about 15-18 hens lay each day and there has never been a problem before. I gather the eggs twice daily, sometimes more.

Also another question- didn't want to posts---is there a way you can make a hen go broody? I would like to try and have some babies hatched from my hens but I don't have the time or money for an incubator. I was told I just needed to shut a hen off in her own little coop and put some eggs in a nest? Is it that easy?
i think you should get about 4 more nesting boxes snd it will only take one hen to lay in the corner to get the others to start

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